Graphic: Live Scan Logo

CJIS Live Scan

Live Scan provides for the electronic capture and transmission of arrest and applicant data and fingerprints to the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) at Virginia State Police. This data both checks and updates Virginia’s Criminal History (CCH) and Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) in an automated manner.  Identification information is returned electronically to the Live Scan agency that requested it.  

Of the 220 Live Scan systems in 150 agencies in Virginia, two-thirds transmit arrest information and one-third transmit applicant requests electonically to VSP. These numbers are continuing to grow due in part to legislation regarding applicant requests as well as a marked reduction in prices of Live Scan equipment.

An agency wishing to submit criminal arrests and/or applicant requests to VSP electronically must contact VSP personnel prior to making a purchase - please see the General Live Scan FAQ for contact details. Information regarding equipment prices and submission agreements are available on request to qualified agencies.

Live Scan help: (804) 674-4656 or (804) 674-2444