Non-Criminal Justice Interface (NCJI)

The Non-Criminal Justice Interface (NCJI) system provides for the searching of Virginia criminal history records using name and other descriptive information from remote PCs. This system is used by non-criminal justice agencies authorized by statute and private sector employers that sign an agreement with the Department of State Police.

To participate in NCJI, an agency must be located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, must sign an agreement with the Department of State Police, have access to the internet, and establish a billing account with the Department. NCJI inquiries are made through the World Wide Web (WWW) page on the internet.

NCJI can also be used to request a name search of Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry record information, both violent and non-violent offenders, for user agencies that are allowed to access this information by statute. Information on violent sex offenders is available on the Internet to the public at no charge through State Police’s Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry (Public Notification Database).

For further information pertaining to NCJI write to:

Department of State Police
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
P. O. Box 27472
Richmond, VA  23261-7472.

If you have any questions or problems about the NCJI System, please send an Email to