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Awareness Through Information Sharing

VFC SHIELD was established to increase community awareness of criminal and terrorism trends and incidents within the Commonwealth, United States and across the world. The VFC SHIELD motto is "awareness through information sharing". Information sharing increases preparedness, mitigation and prevention efforts which makes our communities safer. In addition, VFC SHIELD connects members with available resources and sector specific content.

The VFC SHIELD program is intended for both the public and private sectors, as well as civic & local community groups.



Once signed up, members can expect to receive regular emails from VFC SHIELD.  Email communications will generally fall into one of three categories: weekly newsletters, sector specific or ALERT messages.
  • Weekly newsletter
Will contain a summary of terrorism related news from the past week.
  • Sector specific

May include security trends, threat environment or mitigation information specific to a member sector, such as Faith Based or Critical Infrastructure

  • ALERT messages
Alerts are timely notifications of a significant  security or terrorism related event within United States or around the world. There are often multiple messages for each incident, as information becomes available and situations evolve.  


All information made available through the VFC SHIELD program is unclassified and derived through open sources.

Who is eligible to join VFC SHIELD?   Ideal VFC SHIELD members include the following sectors and organizations:
Although VFC SHIELD is open to all, there are specific groups and sectors which may find the program particularly beneficial.  This includes both the public and private sectors, as well as community organizations.  
  • Civic Organizations
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Faith Based 
  • First Responder
  • Healthcare 
  • Security
  • Schools & Universities

VFC SHIELD is a member of the Global SHIELD Network, which connects SHIELD programs from all over the world.  The SHIELD concept was started by the New York City Police Department and quickly grew to be adopted nationally and internationally.  The Global SHIELD Network results in unprecedented information sharing and resource collaboration.

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