State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program (The 1122 Program)

1122 Program Manager
Ms. Geneva Levesque

Phone: (804) 543-0240

Authority/Participation Benefits

Authorized under the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act, effective 10-22-2008, the language of Title 10, Section 381, of the United States Code (USC) was amended to allow:

“States and units of local government to purchase equipment suitable for counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities through the Department of Defense.”

The State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program affords state and local agencies the opportunity to take advantage of discounts available to the federal government due to its large volume purchases.

This system has several advantages for local law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security and Emergency Response Units:

On July 1, 2011, the National Defense Authorization Act (Section 1122) established the requirement for the Department of Defense to develop procedures that would enable state and local governments, Homeland Security and Emergency Response units to purchase law enforcement equipment through the federal procurement channels. The Department of Defense designated the Department of the Army (DA) as the executive agent. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Department of Justice (DOJ) and General Services Administration (GSA) are active participants in the administration of the program.

Examples of Supplies & Equipment Available

Body armor
Target systems
Bomb detection equipment
Restraining equipment
Fingerprinting equipment
Canine handling equipment

Surveillance systems
Emergency signal systems
Gun racks
Night vision equipment
Drug testing equipment

Alcohol detection kits
Climbing equipment
Ear mikes

How can I participate in the Program?

Check to see if your agency is listed on our 1122 Authorized Agencies List.

If your agency is not listed:

  1. Download 1122 Program Memorandum of Agreement (pdf) and 1122 Program Application (pdf)
  2. Mail signed, completed 1122 Program Application and the signed Memorandum of Agreement to:

    Virginia State Police
    P.O. Box 27472
    Richmond, VA 23261
    Attn: Procurement 1122 Program

  3. Application is reviewed by State Point of Contact (SPOC). Once authorized, you will be notified and your agency will be on its way to saving time and money.

If your agency is listed as an 1122 Authorized Agency:

  1. Download and complete the 1122 Procurement Request form.

Contact the 1122 Program Manager with any questions.

Sources of Supply

Three sources of supply are available to law enforcement agencies through the SPOC:

  1. U.S. Department of the Army (DA)
  2. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). DA and DLA maintain stocks of available items. Descriptions and prices of a representative sampling of items are contained in the Law Enforcement Equipment and Supply Catalog.
  3. Contractor-supplied items furnished through the General Services Administration (GSA).  Federal Supply Schedules listing contractors and identifying the types of products provided the GSA are available at: Local law enforcement agencies are allowed to purchase from 13 of these schedules. The 1122 Program allows participating SPOC’s to purchase motor vehicles for law enforcement agencies.

Federal Supply Schedules

GSA administration is currently in the process of updating Schedules to MAS codes. See the GSA crosswalk for the corresponding MAS code.

1122 Program Forms

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