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Virginia State Police achieved its initial accreditation in 1986, and was the second state law enforcement agency in the nation to receive such a prestigious recognition.

Since then, the Department has continually maintained its accredited status through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), Inc. CALEA serves as the premier credentialing association for public safety agencies and provides accreditation services for law enforcement organizations.

CALEA was created in 1979 to develop a set of law enforcement standards and to establish and administer an accreditation process through which law enforcement agencies could demonstrate voluntarily that they meet professionally-recognized criteria for excellence in management and service delivery.

The reaccreditation process takes place every four years, and incorporates annual remote, web-based file reviews of written materials, along with a final site visit by a CALEA assessment team. During this process, Department administration, facilities, equipment, and operations are examined for compliance with CALEA standards.

The Virginia State Police Office of Performance Management and Internal Controls maintains the Department's accreditation program. This is an on-going process intended to enhance the Department's service capabilities and effectiveness. The accreditation program requires constant monitoring and periodic updating of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with internationally accepted law enforcement accreditation standards. The Virginia State Police continues to demonstrate a commitment to professionalism, excellence, and community trust by maintaining accreditation.

Law Enforcement Accreditation

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